How to Pronounce “THE Professionalism”

Well the title may raise some eyebrows, but it’s not about pronouncing the Professionalism; it’s about how one may approach their colleagues and superiors. This is the rise of Hi-Fi era and down fall of Victorian style era. There are plenty of styles these days, but is this really the way how one should approach in a professional environment?


The Dude Style:

The Hippie era asks for people to communicate with their colleagues in term such as “Dude” and “Mate”. These are completely western that are audaciously embraced by our culture. The flamboyancy in the term caught our masses off guard and they stuck to it. Still is this the good way of approaching? One has to agree for communication with colleagues this is totally acceptable considering the culture we have embraced.

The Straight Edge Style:

There are people who are not so dude embracers; they just go with Straight Edge communication “approach their colleagues by the name”. They also go one step ahead by communicating with their superiors by their name. This is also an acceptable style. No matter where we go this may look so much professional if we stick to this Straight Edge style.

The Polite Style:

This one is so Victorian and pretty polite type of communication, especially with superiors. People still stick to this style of approaching the superior with “SIR”. This may look awkward and uncommon these days but, there are still few good Victorian embracers alive in our culture; So Polite and So Posh.


The Thug Style:

There are plenty of things that do not work under the roof of professionalism. First and foremost thing is approaching our colleagues using terms in auhoritative tones and in terms such as Oye, Yo, Brother, Hey (auhoritative tone), and the local accents etc., These are thug languages and should never be entertained in the part of professionalism. We can be anything outside the premise, but when we step into the office the professional part of ourselves has to emerge out dumping our social part. We should not entertain the social part of us to take over the professional part of self. When we master this art, we are the best in the business.

Entertain your work as much as possible,

But never take your work as Entertainment in any case!

Credits and Honors:

Thanks to the adept Proofreading technique of my colleague. One of the best I have seen in the recent past. I owe my colleague a lot for this. Thanks again!!!