A Beautiful Morning-Pigeons, Crow and Men (Unedited)

The morning gloom as always been a blissful one if you are one of them who would love to enjoy the early morning aspects. There are few unanswerable beguiling wonderments our mother nature has provided us, but none better than the scenic view on dawn of sun light forcing away the ever yearning darkness and melting the chillness. Don’t we love an engaging Sunday mornings, but I always wonder how many would love to spend their time on seeking worldly nature in this unnatural New World Order. This ordeal has brought on course only by us, so why play the blame game? Having said though the ordeal has become more of our routine by time and we all become addicted to our packed compound of unnatural living. We never once looked out of our window in fear of disease some times and in fear of Laziness on many times. We all have become a pack of robots working for our own cause and chasing a materialistic world. I’m no exception in the New World Oder as I force the Nature to “Shift in My Shift” and work in the Night Shift. But I contribute most of my least available Sunday mornings by waking up early and conjure the nature to do its trick for a wonderful day.

So by conjuring the early morning nature on fine Sunday morning I became the witness of one of the Mundane nature activities yet awestruck attraction to the human eyes. This is very example of how much we are missing in our life everyday and how lazy we are in approaching the nature.


I was standing on the porch of my uncle’s newly built home, enjoying the suntan and the fresh breath of air. There in the middle of the street one odd movement caught my attention. I sharpened my eye sight and looked in focused towards the movement. It was couple of pigeons and a Crow. Three of them brunching in the wastage of food that our greedy neighbors have “thrown away on the street”. They were slowly pecking one bite at a time and like cuckooing to every beat of the pecking they digested every bite. I went into super zoom focus into the action, since there was another clan person in the name of crow there. So I thought there would some kind of fight for the food. But to my surprise there wasn’t. This might be because of the fact that our neighbors are too greedy, they have thrown much to two of the pigeons to bite for or the pigeons are friendly enough to share their searched meal. Neither way they both have shown some respect to each other and thought me a valuable lesson-Share; Live and Let others Live. This without a doubt sig’Natured’ my morning with blissfulness, Blessing and Lesson of a lifetime worth. I was dumbstruck to move a muscle and even felt my chins go wet at the serenity of Mother Nature. At that moment of gleefulness I was with the Pigeons and Crow sharing the food between us.


I had a long straining disturbance in my ear, when I stood in line with the nature synchronizing with every move the three of them made. I was shifted to completely to other end of the street. I was there at porch but not there. I was enjoying the each and every second of my new found adornment towards nature. Again a long straining disturbance in the ear. In a breach of a second I ascended to my previous position on the porch and there were no pigeons and no crow but only the greedy wastes. I was like what has happened here? I looked around the street and found the pigeons were sitting on the compound of a temple, next to the crow. Then only it came to my sense the straining disturbance was because of our humanity. Couple of men came in a motor bike from other end of street and ride right in the middle of pigeons & crow alarming them for security. I bore lost in the battle between humanity and nature there. I tried to recognize the faces of two men. It took a while to recognize, but it has turned out to be the guys who lived right on the edge of the streets. They were just riding the bike for fun through the street, Spoiling the Nature’s party. I was furious, but had to stabilize in the name of civilization. Why one can’t have fun by walking through the streets instead of riding bikes? Was my thought. I was always been fun lover of walking through the hostile & unknown streets, but I can’t expect others to do this.


Once the spoilers had all their fun, my civilization guilt ebbed away over the Nature love to look around one last time for the Pigeons and Crow. I found them on the Compound wall of temple waiting for peacefulness, which they were never going to get throughout this day. But the courageous crow flown into the middle of the street and pecked a large bite of food and flown back to the wall. This made things more interesting and I again locked my focus on them. Crow surprisingly shared the food with two pigeons; this taught me an invaluable lesson of Courage through the Crow’s action of acquiring the food even on insecurity and Strength of Unity through its action in sharing the food with the Pigeons.

Today I perceived the blessings of Mother Nature and accepted the lesson taught by them. I was lucky enough on this day to have been selected few by nature as its student. I wondered how many in my street would have taken this lesson if they had a chance. And decided against thinking

In the name of human, I self-pitied myself and all the others on the street for not listening to the Mother Nature’s voice in the mundane life. This voice is unlike our ordinary ears could hear, this could be heard if and only if you could synchronize with your Mind, Body and Heart towards Nature. We are all busy chasing a Materialistic untrue world and forgot to understand even ourselves.

We should be polite and earnest to our Mother Nature and pay respectful tribute to it. One should Never, Ever disregard or Disrespect in any way possible. Disrespect could be: Littering Public Place, Not Listening to Mother Nature’s Voice, Incompetent on Enjoying the Nature and Action against Nature.


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