The Interview (Part-III in Conflict)

Good Evening and today on “BITTER REALITY”, we will talk to a man who needs no introduction! Mr. Robert Walter is the state’s most influential investor and growing business leader in national market. On this evening, we will be discussing about the recent controversies and his sudden rivalry with his long time companion Mr. Lubert Ford.


Welcome Mr. Robert, it’s so bold of you to accept the invitation of this intense talk show, given the circumstances you are in.

 Well Donald, I’m an honest man and I have nothing to be afraid of.

By Stating this you are implying there will be some definite explanation about your recent setbacks, because you always enjoy being up in the curve.

 These recent issues have nothing to do with my business and I must firmly clarify you, I’m up in the curve. Media is the only reason to balloon these dim issues.

But these issues relate to your partner… or I must say Ex-Partner and his allegation that you ran down a person, driving your SUV. More of his serious accusation includes that you haven’t even considered helping that person. How can you justify that?

 I deny whatever accusations he has put up against me and I prefer not to talk about the subject that is pending trial.

Um then let’s talk a little about, how media has built up this case. They say you are Irresponsible, Inhumane and Rude.

 I have never been irresponsible or Inhume in my whole life. This is totally absurd! Donald, media has never been good to me right from the beginning.

So you are saying that media picks on you?

 I do think so.

But we people need to know what went wrong between you and your-

 I do not wish to talk about that anymore.

Why so?

 Because, I have my democratic choice to pick and answer the questions!

Let me finish my question Mr. Robert-

 I’m sorry I accepted your invitation for this show. But Donald, you are doing a great job like every other media person, gaining popularity by provoking an influential person.

I’m not provoking Mr. Robert, I’m just putting questions to you that everyone has the rights to know. This time it’s not only the media but the people of-

 I must insist, unless you have other things to discuss this can’t go on.

You still haven’t let me finish my question Mr. Robert, we-

 I have dedicated all my time towards resurrecting our state’s trade from bankrupt and still you people from media find a way to criticize me? I do what I do my best, Smart and Worthy trade. If you consider that unconventional, so be it.

You are a tough person Mr. Robert.

 Thanks heavens to people like you.

Thank you for being with us Mr. Robert. It’s been a real pleasure.

 Thank you, but I must say this hasn’t been a pleasure accepting your invitation. Good Night and MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


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