S is for Slain

Dr. Bishop sat on his couch sipping coffee, thinking about the recent brutal murder of his team member. They’d been part of Central Genetics Organization’s Special Research Operation. He was punished barbarically, till death. The image of it made him shiver. The murderer, named Slain, had a message for Dr. Bishop “I will Find you” written in blood. He couldn’t oppose the trueness of that message; somehow Slain is going to find him. He tried to stay positive as much as possible. But at times like this, he couldn’t help himself. He knew he won’t stand a chance facing a savage evil.

His consciousness came to reality as the light went out in the hallway.Not again. He checked his watch, it was 10 past 8. The heavy downpour outside slowed to slight drizzle, he decided to go to the Electric room next to the Garage outside. He jumped into his coat and went outside with torchlight in his hand. As he passed the garage, he heard a thud near the lawn. He turned his light towards the sound but there was nothing. A light screeching noise near the fence made his hairs prick and even in that chill weather beads of precipitation started to form on his temple. He slowly wiped his sweat and continued to move towards the noise. His heartbeat rose with every step, the alienating fear of what lay ahead shriveled his body. He turned the light slightly downwards and the shadow of the monstrous beast clawing its prey on the fence startled him. He fell on the ground, torch slipping away from his hand. He breathed heavily in fear. The torch rolled towards the fence revealing a closer view of the beast, which was nothing but a fat cat munching its dinner. Bishop smiled sheepishly at how the recent events made him feel copiously unsafe.

After fixing the electric switch, he came back to check the lights. The lights were fixed perfectly. With satisfaction of the work he turned towards the couch. The door was ajar “I did lock the door, weird”. He heard the same screeching noise from the hallway. Horror struck him like a lonely locomotive.

He yelled in a shaky tone “Who’s there?”

There was no response but the screeching became audible. A black hooded silhouette came through the hallway with footsteps as calm as the dead. Like a child’s painting, the loosely flowing robes smeared the floor with blood that oozed from its body. It held a long shiny sword that dug through the wall as it glided. “It’s Slain,”Bishop fell on his knees, unable to think of the evil he had to encounter. He slowly crawled behind the couch. The Crimson Red eyes of Slain searched for its prey keenly. Bishop’s body started to tremble. He covered his mouth to deaden his echoing exhalations and continued to crawl towards the drawing room as the stair case barricaded Slain’s view.

A raspy voice questioned him “How are you doctor? Remember Me?”

Slain jumped from the staircase and stood before him. Dumbstruck, he looked up to witness the monster up close in person. Slain licked the swords with an evil laugh that rang through the house. Bishop jerked to his feet and ran towards the kitchen. He panted and switched off the lights. He took a knife from the tray and stood behind the door. But fear dominated his anxiety to know the reason behind Slain’s hunting. He was drenched with sweat. A shadow approaching the door halted his breathing. Slain cut through the door and guided his head through the hole.

The fleshy face was covered with black mask, but there was blood oozing all around its mask.

“Gotcha Doctor”, his shouting sprayed blood on his face

“Eat this”, with a loud shout Bishop pierced the knife into Slain’s head. But to his horror it didn’t pierce its head. With a heavy push Slain tried to open to door, in that fraction of moment Bishop tried to veer towards the cupboard. But the sheer power of Slain rammed him to the floor.

Slain walked towards him slowly, like a beast stalking its prey

“What… What do you want from me?”

“It’s you doctor, you of all men, YOU”

Bishop moaned in pain as Slain drove the sword into his right ankle.

“Why… Why, why are you doing this?” yelled bishop in unbearable pain

“GOD” shouted Slain. He was stunned to hear that word. It still hung in front of his face.

“Inveraity? You aren’t dead?” exclaimed Bishop raising his head

“No, you maggot, but I’m dying everyday”

Slain kicked his chest and the power of his blow bounced his head on the floor. Bishop felt dizzy and bleeding from his head.

“I don’t go by that name, I Call myself SLAIN”

He still couldn’t believe what he had heard. Operation G.O.D-Genetics over Dynamics was initiated to create a super human with a team of 4 members headed by him. The subject William Inverarity was tested with the drug, which resulted in uneven distribution of cells and death of the subject. They‘d closed this project because of that failure and the subject’s body was buried near a lake. This had been a confidential operation that had no approval from the government, as it involved human testing. William Inverarity a fit young man accepted to be a subject because of his financial position. His involvement was kept confidential.

Slain pulled the sword from Bishop’s ankle. Bishop groaned in pain, Slain positioned him on his knees.

His heart sank in fear at the thought of Slain’s previous murders. I don’t wanna die.

“I had Family, Friends and Life. You ruined all that” whispered Slain at his face

He placed the blade in his neck and cut him fiercely “No one plays GOD except GOD himself”

October Flash Fiction #12



How to Pronounce “THE Professionalism”

Well the title may raise some eyebrows, but it’s not about pronouncing the Professionalism; it’s about how one may approach their colleagues and superiors. This is the rise of Hi-Fi era and down fall of Victorian style era. There are plenty of styles these days, but is this really the way how one should approach in a professional environment?


The Dude Style:

The Hippie era asks for people to communicate with their colleagues in term such as “Dude” and “Mate”. These are completely western that are audaciously embraced by our culture. The flamboyancy in the term caught our masses off guard and they stuck to it. Still is this the good way of approaching? One has to agree for communication with colleagues this is totally acceptable considering the culture we have embraced.

The Straight Edge Style:

There are people who are not so dude embracers; they just go with Straight Edge communication “approach their colleagues by the name”. They also go one step ahead by communicating with their superiors by their name. This is also an acceptable style. No matter where we go this may look so much professional if we stick to this Straight Edge style.

The Polite Style:

This one is so Victorian and pretty polite type of communication, especially with superiors. People still stick to this style of approaching the superior with “SIR”. This may look awkward and uncommon these days but, there are still few good Victorian embracers alive in our culture; So Polite and So Posh.


The Thug Style:

There are plenty of things that do not work under the roof of professionalism. First and foremost thing is approaching our colleagues using terms in auhoritative tones and in terms such as Oye, Yo, Brother, Hey (auhoritative tone), and the local accents etc., These are thug languages and should never be entertained in the part of professionalism. We can be anything outside the premise, but when we step into the office the professional part of ourselves has to emerge out dumping our social part. We should not entertain the social part of us to take over the professional part of self. When we master this art, we are the best in the business.

Entertain your work as much as possible,

But never take your work as Entertainment in any case!

Credits and Honors:

Thanks to the adept Proofreading technique of my colleague. One of the best I have seen in the recent past. I owe my colleague a lot for this. Thanks again!!!

Power in Silence

Truth cannot be partial; it is for the good of all. Finally, in perfect rest and peace meditate upon It, concentrate your mind upon It, make yourself one with It. Then no speech is needed; silence will carry the truth. Do not spend your energy in talking, but meditate in silence; and do not let the rush of the outside world disturb you. When your mind is in the highest state, you are unconscious of it. Accumulate power in silence and become a dynamo of spirituality

– Swami Vivekananda

Ashtanga Yoga

Eight Limbs of Yoga: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi.


Yama: Universal morality


Patanjali’s Yamas:


Ahimsa: Non-Violence

Satya Truth in word and thought and absence of falsehood

Asteya: Non-stealing

Brahmacharya: Abstain from sexual intercourse; celibacy in case of unmarried people and Faithful in case of married people; even this to the extent that one should not possess any sexual thoughts towards any other man or woman except one’s own spouse. It is common to associate Brahmacharya with celibacy.

Aparigraha: Absence of avarice (greed)


The Ten Traditional Yamas:


Ahimsa: Nonviolence; abstinence from injury; harmlessness, the not causing of pain to any living creature in thought, word, or deed at any time.

Satya: Truthfulness, word and thought in conformity with the facts.

Asteya: Non-stealing, non-coveting, non-entering into debt.

Brahmacharya: Divine conduct, continence, celibate when single, faithful when married.

Kshama: Patience, releasing time, functioning in the now.

Dhriti: Steadfastness, overcoming non-perseverance, fear, and indecision; seeing each task through to completion.

Daya: Compassion; conquering callous, cruel and insensitive feelings toward all beings.

Arjava: Honesty, straightforwardness, renouncing deception and wrongdoing.

Mitahara: Moderate Appetite, neither eating too much nor too little; nor consuming meat, fish, shellfish, fowl or eggs.

Shaucha: Purity, avoidance of impurity in body, mind and speech. (Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras list this as the first of the Niyamas.)

Niyama: Personal observances

Patanjali’s Niyamas:

Shaucha: Purity, avoidance of impurity in body, mind and speech.

Santosha: Satisfaction; satisfied with what one has; contentment.

Tapas: Austerity.

Svādhyāya: Study of the Vedic scriptures to know more about God and the soul, which leads to introspection on a greater awakening to the soul and God within.

Ishvarapranidhana: Surrender to (or worship of) God.


Hri: Remorse, being modest and showing shame for misdeeds;

Santosha: Contentment; being satisfied with the resources at hand – therefore not desiring more;

Dana: Giving, without thought of reward;

Astikya: Faith, believing firmly in the teacher, the teachings and the path to enlightenment;

Ishvarapujana: Worship of the Lord, the cultivation of devotion through daily worship and meditation, the return to the source;

Siddhanta Shravana: Scriptural listening, studying the teachings and listening to the wise of one’s lineage;

Mati: Cognition, developing a spiritual will and intellect with the guru’s guidance;

Vrata: Sacred vows, fulfilling religious vows, rules and observances faithfully;

Japa: Recitation, chanting mantras daily;

Tapas: The endurance of the opposites; hunger and thirst, heat and cold, standing and sitting etc.

Asanas: Body Postures

It has been identified that there are 900 Asanas from all the texts Mahabarata, Bhagawwad Gita and Ptanjali’s Yoga Sutra.

Pranayama: Breathing exercises, and control of prana

Pranayama is the measuring, control, and directing of the breath. Pranayama controls the energy (prana) within the organism, in order to restore and maintain health and to promote evolution. When the in-flowing breath is neutralized or joined with the out-flowing breath, then perfect relaxation and balance of body activities are realized. In yoga, we are concerned with balancing the flows of vital forces, then directing them inward to the chakra system and upward to the crown chakra.

Pratyahara: Control of the senses

Pratyahara means drawing back or retreat. The word ahara means “nourishment”; pratyahara translates as “to withdraw oneself from that which nourishes the senses.” In yoga, the term pratyahara implies withdrawal of the senses from attachment to external objects. It can then be seen as the practice of non-attachment to sensorial distractions as we constantly return to the path of self realization and achievement of internal peace. It means our senses stop living off the things that stimulate; the senses no longer depend on these stimulants and are not fed by them anymore.

Dharana: Concentration and cultivating inner perceptual awareness

Dharana means “immovable concentration of the mind”. The essential idea is to hold the concentration or focus of attention in one direction.  “When the body has been tempered by asanas, when the mind has been refined by the fire of pranayama and when the senses have been brought under control by pratyahara, the sadhaka (seeker) reaches the sixth stage, dharana. Here he is concentrated wholly on a single point or on a task in which he is completely engrossed. The mind has to be stilled in order to achieve this state of complete absorption.”

Dhyana: Devotion, Meditation on the Divine

Dhyana means worship, or profound and abstract religious meditation. It is perfect contemplation. It involves concentration upon a point of focus with the intention of knowing the truth about it. The concept holds that when one focuses their mind in concentration on an object the mind is transformed into the shape of the object. Hence, when one focuses on the divine they become more reflective of it and they know their true nature. “His body, breath, senses, mind, reason and ego are all integrated in the object of his contemplation – the Universal Spirit.

Samadhi: Union with the Divine

The final step in the eight-fold path of Yoga is the attainment of Samadhi. Samadhi means “to bring together, to merge.” In the state of samadhi the body and senses are at rest, as if asleep, yet the faculty of mind and reason are alert, as if awake; one goes beyond consciousness. During samadhi, we realize what it is to be an identity without differences, and how a liberated soul can enjoy pure awareness of this pure identity. The conscious mind drops back into that unconscious oblivion from which it first emerged.

Source: Multiple Location.

A Beautiful Morning-Pigeons, Crow and Men (Unedited)

The morning gloom as always been a blissful one if you are one of them who would love to enjoy the early morning aspects. There are few unanswerable beguiling wonderments our mother nature has provided us, but none better than the scenic view on dawn of sun light forcing away the ever yearning darkness and melting the chillness. Don’t we love an engaging Sunday mornings, but I always wonder how many would love to spend their time on seeking worldly nature in this unnatural New World Order. This ordeal has brought on course only by us, so why play the blame game? Having said though the ordeal has become more of our routine by time and we all become addicted to our packed compound of unnatural living. We never once looked out of our window in fear of disease some times and in fear of Laziness on many times. We all have become a pack of robots working for our own cause and chasing a materialistic world. I’m no exception in the New World Oder as I force the Nature to “Shift in My Shift” and work in the Night Shift. But I contribute most of my least available Sunday mornings by waking up early and conjure the nature to do its trick for a wonderful day.

So by conjuring the early morning nature on fine Sunday morning I became the witness of one of the Mundane nature activities yet awestruck attraction to the human eyes. This is very example of how much we are missing in our life everyday and how lazy we are in approaching the nature.


I was standing on the porch of my uncle’s newly built home, enjoying the suntan and the fresh breath of air. There in the middle of the street one odd movement caught my attention. I sharpened my eye sight and looked in focused towards the movement. It was couple of pigeons and a Crow. Three of them brunching in the wastage of food that our greedy neighbors have “thrown away on the street”. They were slowly pecking one bite at a time and like cuckooing to every beat of the pecking they digested every bite. I went into super zoom focus into the action, since there was another clan person in the name of crow there. So I thought there would some kind of fight for the food. But to my surprise there wasn’t. This might be because of the fact that our neighbors are too greedy, they have thrown much to two of the pigeons to bite for or the pigeons are friendly enough to share their searched meal. Neither way they both have shown some respect to each other and thought me a valuable lesson-Share; Live and Let others Live. This without a doubt sig’Natured’ my morning with blissfulness, Blessing and Lesson of a lifetime worth. I was dumbstruck to move a muscle and even felt my chins go wet at the serenity of Mother Nature. At that moment of gleefulness I was with the Pigeons and Crow sharing the food between us.


I had a long straining disturbance in my ear, when I stood in line with the nature synchronizing with every move the three of them made. I was shifted to completely to other end of the street. I was there at porch but not there. I was enjoying the each and every second of my new found adornment towards nature. Again a long straining disturbance in the ear. In a breach of a second I ascended to my previous position on the porch and there were no pigeons and no crow but only the greedy wastes. I was like what has happened here? I looked around the street and found the pigeons were sitting on the compound of a temple, next to the crow. Then only it came to my sense the straining disturbance was because of our humanity. Couple of men came in a motor bike from other end of street and ride right in the middle of pigeons & crow alarming them for security. I bore lost in the battle between humanity and nature there. I tried to recognize the faces of two men. It took a while to recognize, but it has turned out to be the guys who lived right on the edge of the streets. They were just riding the bike for fun through the street, Spoiling the Nature’s party. I was furious, but had to stabilize in the name of civilization. Why one can’t have fun by walking through the streets instead of riding bikes? Was my thought. I was always been fun lover of walking through the hostile & unknown streets, but I can’t expect others to do this.


Once the spoilers had all their fun, my civilization guilt ebbed away over the Nature love to look around one last time for the Pigeons and Crow. I found them on the Compound wall of temple waiting for peacefulness, which they were never going to get throughout this day. But the courageous crow flown into the middle of the street and pecked a large bite of food and flown back to the wall. This made things more interesting and I again locked my focus on them. Crow surprisingly shared the food with two pigeons; this taught me an invaluable lesson of Courage through the Crow’s action of acquiring the food even on insecurity and Strength of Unity through its action in sharing the food with the Pigeons.

Today I perceived the blessings of Mother Nature and accepted the lesson taught by them. I was lucky enough on this day to have been selected few by nature as its student. I wondered how many in my street would have taken this lesson if they had a chance. And decided against thinking

In the name of human, I self-pitied myself and all the others on the street for not listening to the Mother Nature’s voice in the mundane life. This voice is unlike our ordinary ears could hear, this could be heard if and only if you could synchronize with your Mind, Body and Heart towards Nature. We are all busy chasing a Materialistic untrue world and forgot to understand even ourselves.

We should be polite and earnest to our Mother Nature and pay respectful tribute to it. One should Never, Ever disregard or Disrespect in any way possible. Disrespect could be: Littering Public Place, Not Listening to Mother Nature’s Voice, Incompetent on Enjoying the Nature and Action against Nature.

The Open End Story (Part-II in Conflict)

“Don’t you dare to dial the emergency” Robert exploded

Lu always cursed Robert’s power of being a bigger and stronger companion and it had been difficult to express as he was his best friend. He was also Lu’s lead sharing holding business partner.

Lu was already shaking. He said “Are you serious? We can’t just leave this person like this”

Robert looked vaguely at the person on the ground in front of them; he was precariously positioned and lying in a pool of blood.

“Honestly Lu!” Robert lowered his voice trying to persuade “Your humanely pride has no resonance in this circumstance. We’ve got to look at the consequences if everything comes to light”

“For god sake, you just ran over a person to a certain death and now backing away to help?” “Look around you this highway is deserted. If not for now, there won’t be help for this man on time”. Think about it Rob”. There goes our civilization, utter failure in front of currencies.

“Lu, for once try to be practical. Tomorrow is a big day for me and in one way or another for you. We are boozed now” Robert paused for a moment “Consider the fact, only my reputation is driving us to the top of this state’s industry, this could shred my flawless business track into pieces”

Lu stood unimpressed, still shaking. Hell with his reputation. I’m going to do what’s best at this situation. I’m not letting this man die in vain.

Lu took his cellular hurriedly, but in an intense Robert’s hand snatched it from him.

He frowned at Robert’s pale face.

“I’m in no mood to entertain your lunatic ravings. I’ll give you two options: get into the car, classify your thoughts on this scene and your hard work towards our business for the past 8 years stays or let your insane honesty drive you & our business is off, over.” Robert continued with a razor sharp glare “You won’t stand a chance in this state without my help Lu. It’s all up to you”.

This is so wrong, “get into the car” words hanged in front of Lu.

Lu fought with his thoughts upon the unsavory threat posed by his best friend.

By getting into the car, I may let this person die. And if not, all my hard work over the years will be for nothing.

Family, Wife, Children, and Bills dangled in his thoughts. This is so wrong.

“Robert, I know your ever growing power in state’s industry, but–“

Robert intervened flatly “Bull shit! Get into the car. Right Now”

The pounding voice of Robert echoed in his mind. His weak defenses melted away under the fierce glare of his “Powerful Business Partner”.

God let me not go with bad reasoning. Lu stood rigid in a mixture of dangerous emotions.

The Interview (Part-III in Conflict)

Good Evening and today on “BITTER REALITY”, we will talk to a man who needs no introduction! Mr. Robert Walter is the state’s most influential investor and growing business leader in national market. On this evening, we will be discussing about the recent controversies and his sudden rivalry with his long time companion Mr. Lubert Ford.


Welcome Mr. Robert, it’s so bold of you to accept the invitation of this intense talk show, given the circumstances you are in.

 Well Donald, I’m an honest man and I have nothing to be afraid of.

By Stating this you are implying there will be some definite explanation about your recent setbacks, because you always enjoy being up in the curve.

 These recent issues have nothing to do with my business and I must firmly clarify you, I’m up in the curve. Media is the only reason to balloon these dim issues.

But these issues relate to your partner… or I must say Ex-Partner and his allegation that you ran down a person, driving your SUV. More of his serious accusation includes that you haven’t even considered helping that person. How can you justify that?

 I deny whatever accusations he has put up against me and I prefer not to talk about the subject that is pending trial.

Um then let’s talk a little about, how media has built up this case. They say you are Irresponsible, Inhumane and Rude.

 I have never been irresponsible or Inhume in my whole life. This is totally absurd! Donald, media has never been good to me right from the beginning.

So you are saying that media picks on you?

 I do think so.

But we people need to know what went wrong between you and your-

 I do not wish to talk about that anymore.

Why so?

 Because, I have my democratic choice to pick and answer the questions!

Let me finish my question Mr. Robert-

 I’m sorry I accepted your invitation for this show. But Donald, you are doing a great job like every other media person, gaining popularity by provoking an influential person.

I’m not provoking Mr. Robert, I’m just putting questions to you that everyone has the rights to know. This time it’s not only the media but the people of-

 I must insist, unless you have other things to discuss this can’t go on.

You still haven’t let me finish my question Mr. Robert, we-

 I have dedicated all my time towards resurrecting our state’s trade from bankrupt and still you people from media find a way to criticize me? I do what I do my best, Smart and Worthy trade. If you consider that unconventional, so be it.

You are a tough person Mr. Robert.

 Thanks heavens to people like you.

Thank you for being with us Mr. Robert. It’s been a real pleasure.

 Thank you, but I must say this hasn’t been a pleasure accepting your invitation. Good Night and MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.